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War Cross Medal

Medalha da Cruz de Guerra

2002 model
Created, in 1916, in the auspices of the participation in World War I, the War Cross medal awards acts or feats of bravery in campaign by citizens, military or not, nationals or foreign. It comprehends the following classes, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
The first class can be awarded to land, sea or air units that, collectively, have performed feats of exceptional valor.

OBVERSE: a templar cross, with a national emblem superimposed, in the center;
REVERSE: in the center, a circle with two crossed ancient swords, surrounded by two laurel wreaths.

The distinction between classes is as it follows:
1st CLASS – neck ribbon; or gold cross device with laurel over ribbon;
2nd CLASS – silver; gold cross device over ribbon;
3rd CLASS – silver; silver cross device over ribbon;
4th CLASS – silver; copper cross device over ribbon.

1949 model
- 3 types known (1917 - 1949 - 1971)

War Crosses Awarded during the Colonial War (1961-1975)
Army - 2634
Navy - 68
Air Force - 273

- Decreto-Lei n.º 316/2002 de 27 de Dezembro - Regulamento da Medalha Militar e das Medalhas Comemorativas das Forças Armadas;
- Afonso, Aniceto & Matos Gomes, Carlos de, Guerra Colonial, Diário de Notícias, Lisboa: s/d

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