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Military Medal for Distinguished Services

Medalha de Serviços Distintos

Created in October 2, 1863, by decree of the Secretary of State for the Affairs of War, initially with 2 degrees (Gold and Silver), and since 1919 with 3 (Gold, Silver and Copper), it awards “relevant and outstanding services of a military nature, or notable acts of any nature connected with the military institution, from which results, in either cases, honor and brilliance for the Fatherland or for the institution”.
When it was created, in 1863, this class of the Military Medal was named GOOD SERVICES, name which would be substituted in 1946 by DISTINGUISHED SERVICES.

OBVERSE: National emblem, encircled with the legend «SERVIÇOS DISTINTOS» (Distinguished Services), in uppercase elzevir font, encircled in turn by a laurel wreath; on top, a trophy;

1863-1911 model reverse, Silver.
REVERSE: on the forground a national banner surrounded by 2 oakleafs, with the superimposed figured, half body, of a warrior from the time of the foundation of the nationality (XII Century), holding an ancient sword in his right hand, and a shield on his left, protecting his left torax; this is surrounded by the legend «PARA SERVIR-VOS BRAÇO ÀS ARMAS FEITO» (To Serve you, Arm to Arms), in uppercase elzevir font, encircled in turn by a laurel wreath; on top, a trophy.

The Distinguished Services medal shared the obverse of the Military Medal from its inception in 1863 up to 1946


- Decreto-Lei n.º 316/2002 de 27 de Dezembro - Regulamento da Medalha Militar e das Medalhas Comemorativas das Forças Armadas.

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Above: Military Order of Aviz

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