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Military Medal for Exemplary Behaviour

Medalha de Comportamento Exemplar

1971 and 2002 models
The EXEMPLARY BEHAVIOUR MEDAL awards the military who, throughout their career, show exemplary moral and disciplinary conduct, zeal towards their service and proved spirit of loyalty. It comprehends the following degrees: Gold, Silver and Copper.
It was created in October 2, 1863, together with the MILITARY VALOR and GOOD SERVICES (later DISTINGUISHED SERVICES), as one of the original 3 classes of the Military Medal.

OBVERSE: National emblem, encircled with the legend «COMPORTAMENTO EXEMPLAR» (Exemplary Behaviour), in uppercase elzevir font, encircled in turn by a laurel wreath;

REVERSE: a disc encircled by a laurel wreath; on top, a shield with the 5 “quinas”; below this, the right hand of a medieval warrior holding a key and an ancient sword. Inside the laurel wreath, an encircling legend: «PORTUGUESES NOS FEITOS E NA LEALDADE» (Portuguese in Feats and in Loyalty), in uppercase elzevir font.

Medal design evolution over time


- Decreto-Lei n.º 316/2002 de 27 de Dezembro - Regulamento da Medalha Militar e das Medalhas Comemorativas das Forças Armadas.

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